While Game of Thrones on HBO has had it’s ups and downs, Season 8 tanked it all in the end. Many fans agree that it wasn’t just disappointing, it flew in the face of all the character growth and story arcs over the previous seven seasons. Listen to find out how I would try and save the show from itself.

This episode’s Podcast Shoutout is for a better example of fantasy. The Call of the Flame is an audio-drama you can find here. It’s well done with strong characters and classic fantasy elements. If you wished Game of Thrones had done a better job, you’ll find solace in Call of the Flame.

Intro and Outro music as always is from Little Glass Men…

Other music used in this episode in order...

Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones Theme
Lee Rosevere - Chillin in the Forest
PC III - The Opening Closing
Axletree - Three Ravens
Axletree - Fire Tree
Damiano Baldoni - Celtic Warrior
Robert Abraham - In the Middle of Nowhere
Damiano Baldoni - Sol Draconis
Six Umbrellas - Temples
Robert Abraham - Soul Burned Away
Meydn - Pure Water
Lee Rosevere - Welcome to the World of the Living
Robert Abraham - When the Dead Wake Up
Soft and Furious - You're Magic
Hans Hylkema - Backyard Adventure
Lee Rosevere - A List of Ways to Die