If you’d like to be a guest on the show, there a few things to know to be prepared. You can contact me by emailing host@podcannon.com


Every episode starts with the greeting, where I would introduce you and myself. Here you’ll get a chance to plug any other projects you’re on. If there are audio clips to play they will come at the end of the show.

Then comes the overview for the work of fiction you’ll be reshaping. Basically this a spoiler free description of that work, and time to recommend experiencing it or skipping it to everyone else.

We do a quick spoiler warning…

Then we get into the core of the show, where you discuss the work of fiction and say what you loved about it, what you didn’t like, and most importantly what you would change to improve it or put your personal touch on it. At the end of the reshaping you do a quick wrap up to state the high points of what you liked and the changes you discussed.

If it’s your first time as a guest, you talk about a work of fiction that you love so much you wouldn’t change it. Talk as much or as little as you want, but just tell us why you’d never want it to be changed.

Finally it’s the exit. We’ll both say goodbye, I’ll remind people of your other projects, play any audio clips you have, and it’s time to roll the outro music.

Post Pod area will be where I put bloopers (if you’re comfortable with them), and any special announcements.

Works of Fiction

When I say work of fiction, I mean anything with a plot. Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games, music videos…etc

I won’t be picking the work of fiction for you, it’s completely up to you. Choose something you’re passionate about, I’d love to hear what interests you.

You’ll need to pick one to reshape, and pick a second one that you don’t think can be improved.


The work of fiction and how you’d change it are completely up to you. Just remember that this is a family show and so no picking pornographic works of fiction, and no going nuts with explicit language.


If you have your own recording equipment of any kind, we can do the reshaping interview over the phone but also both record. Then you send me the audio file and I’ll do the editing.

If you don’t have recording equipment, we can simple have a phone call and I’ll record the call and do the editing without anything else needed on your side.