The Show

There’s a specific feeling that I wanted to capture with PodCannon. After watching a movie with friends, whether I liked it or loved it, the best part would be talking about it and sharing the experience afterwards. This also applied to books, TV shows, video games. It was the excitement not just of talking about the stories, but listening to my friends.

We wouldn’t just gush over the parts we liked, or laugh at the jokes, or tear apart the mistakes. We would talk about things we wish were different. How one person might think a scene should have played out differently. Remove a piece, add a piece, put their personal stamp on it. That’s what I loved, seeing the reflection of people’s inner selves in the changes they suggested.

That is what PodCannon is. A hope to have more of those conversations. To invite people in, and find out more about who they are from the fingerprints on the stories. So if you’re a listener, if you’re reading this, then you are a friend. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about the things you loved, hated, and how you would change.

The Host

Hi, my name is Jason. I get paid to do IT, but my passion is stories. Growing up I dug deep into books, movies, and games. I’m generally just a friendly dork who loves people and the things they create. I currently run two podcasts, PodCannon and Fantastique. I’m also dipping my time into learning how to sketch, and gaining a deeper understanding of privilege and intersectionality. I believe the world can be a better place through education and empathy.