This time around we’re reshaping Hellboy 2, a move where the spawn of hell and doom of the world saves the day with a guns and wisecracks. By we of course this time I mean my awesome guest Ester Ellis. She writes, records, and does audio design for multiple projects in the audiodrama world. I’ll link their podcasts and other projects they are involved in here because everyone should get to experience the rich story telling and sound design.

Intro and Outro as always is Tidal Basin Corporation by Little Glass Men

Other music used in order is…
Hellboy 2 Introduction – Danny Elfman
Blue Fish – Shay Brahem x Fachhochschule Dortmund
Blue Skies – HoliznaCC0
Pause Zit If IV Shadow – Captive Portal
The Last Ones – Jahzzar
Jardins du Luxembourg – Jahzzar
October 9 – Drake Stafford
The Hearse Song – Lex Villena
Casets – Drake Stafford
Machine Elf – Drake Stafford
Just Wait – Drake Stafford
What Dreams Become – Audiobinger
Calabash – Cofee
Spirit of RRR – MM Keeravaani NTR, Ram Charan SS Rajamouli
Haratanaya Sree – Veena Kinhal
Whale – Plasticine Cowboy

Most songs were found on, Spirit of RRR and The Hellboy 2 Intro are the property of their creators and only a short portion was used to introduce the works they are tied to.