The Witches of Eastwick is a rather fun and magical movie from the late 80’s that somehow blends vague occult overtones, polyamory, and being anti-misogyny all while being accepted by most polite society. What would I change about it? Well you’ll have to listen to know, but I’ll give you a hint. It involves turning a liar into a lie.

Intro and Outro music as always is by Little Glass Men.

Other music in order is….

The Township of Eastwick – John Williams (Excerpt)
Meyerbeer – Alavedra McColl Levine
Witch – Damiano Baldoni
Concerto in C Major for Oboe and Orchestra – Vivaldi (Advent Chamber Orchestra)
Concerto for Organ and Orchestra – Handel (Advent Chamber Orchestra)
Waistband Dance Roumanian Polka Maruntel – Bartok (Advent Chamber Orchestra)
Run – Kai Engel
Daemones – Kai Engel